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Prenatal Yoga


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Aquanatal yoga

Aquanatal Yoga - East London

Prenatal Yoga

Joyful preparation - East London

Pregnancy Massage

Complimentary treatments for pregnancy: craniosacral therapy, therapeutic massage, reflexology and aromatouch massage - East London Massage.


Yoga - East London

I had my baby on Friday 4th July. The very first contractions started at 2am and were every 10mins, we got In the hospital at 6:30am and I was told I had only 3 cm which was very disappointing for me. At 9:30am I was 7cm and contractions were a lot stronger. The baby arrived at 12.02 with only 2 strong pushes at the end ( I was not pushing before then because I knew the baby was not down yet) my water broke just a few minutes before the baby came out. Through out the contractions I was doing all sort of movements we do in yoga, the breathing and other techniques from hypno birth helped me tremendously. I did not have any pain killers but did use gas and air for about 1 hr before the delivery. I had very minor stitches (thanks God). .. He weighed 3.480kg and he is exclusively breastfeeding. Congratulations Martina July 2014